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Photo Gallery

2021 ELK

Elk Season Photographs to Remember the Hunt


Another successful year for our guest Veterans

Great Shots To Ponder

Shots to Brag about that will catch your eye.

2019 at Brush Mountain

Selections from the 2019 season

Around Camp

Beyond the great hunting, Brush Mountain also offers beautiful scenery and relaxation -- the perfect getaway to kick up your boots. Here's a look around the property.

2018 Elk

Another successful year at the Ranch!

2017 Veteran's Hunt

Great group of successful vet hunters!

2017 Elk

Highlights from our 2017 elk hunting season

2017 Deer

Hunting highlights from the 2017 season

2014 Elk

Highlights from the 2014 elk hunting season

2014 Deer

Highlights from the 2014 deer hunting season


Hunting success from 2011-2013 at the Brush Mountain Lodge